Spend Your Money/Save Your Money Movie Review: Chronicle

It’s been over a month since my last movie review…miss me? It’s been a busy month, and the hubs and I were just now able to get to a movie theater…our choice? Chronicle. We had both seen the preview and thought it looked interesting. We both love superhero movies and were both fans of the late show, Heroes. People who get superpowers? Someone turns bad and uses them for evil? Yup, my kind of movie…or was it?

And now for your burning questions…

“What is the movie about?” – A loaner/loser teen named Andrew is dragged to a “rave” by his cousin, Matt. Andrew, of course, has a camera and is filming every step of his life, because that’s totally normal. Because of the camera glued to his hand, the “cool kid” in school, Steve, finds him and asks him to come film this cool “thing” he has found with Matt. The “thing” turns out to be a hole in the ground, which these three boys, of course, immediately leap right into, even as it emits scary, unnatural sounds. There is a huge, alien-like structure down there, so naturally, they walk right up to it and touch it. Lo and behold, the next day, these boys have found themselves with various “powers”… the ability to move things with their mind, and flying being the two main ones explored. Naturally, one of them takes his powers too far, the others try to stop him and a fight very reminiscent of Will Smith and Charlize Theron ensues…will good prevail over evil?

“How are the special effects?” – Pretty good, actually. No strings or anything 🙂 Of course, if the good people of New York City can be fooled by people-shaped aircraft, then of course, the actual effects in this movie are obviously up to par.

“Wait, don’t I know that actor from somewhere?” – Steve is played by Michael B. Jordan, whom you soap opera fans might recognize from his days on All My Children. Andrew’s abusive father is played by Michael Kelly, famous for Dawn of the Dead, Changeling, and The Adjustment Bureau. Other than that, not many famous people!

“Anything I should know going in?” – It’s a found-footage film…which means there are some scenes that will leave you asking, “Who the heck is filming this”? I find that in order to enjoy found-footage films, you have to simply repeat to yourself, “It’s just a show”, you should really just relax. In all seriousness, and without reference to T.V. theme songs, release any desire for practicality and you will enjoy the movie more.

Overall, the movie was okay. Interesting story, good action…my main qualm is just characters acting stupid, and making stupid decisions. But, that’s present in any movie!

Spend or Save? I am gonna say save on this one. Wait for it to come on Redbox and you’ll enjoy it more. It is worth watching, just not worth spending $50 on the whole movie theater experience.


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