Spend Your Money/Save Your Money Movie Review: The Woman in Black

As any good, die-hard Harry Potter fan would be, I was extremely excited about Daniel Radcliffe’s first big non-Harry role. Plus, it was a SCARY movie…oh Harry, you know me so well! So we headed to the cinema, I settled in with my movie snack of choice, popcorn and Buncha Crunch (with a 2:1 popcorn to candy ratio of course) and told myself I could watch Daniel and not think about Harry Potter the entire time.

I was wrong.

Harry Daniel’s character, Arthur is on a train at one point. A train! I kept waiting for the man across from him to introduce himself as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher…and he was reading a paper! And the pictures didn’t move! What?? What IS this movie? He walks up a staircase adorned with paintings…and the paintings don’t throw witty remarks at him. Geez…

Question time!

“What is the movie about?” – Arthur is a widower and a lawyer with a four-year-old son in London. Money is tight and in order to keep his job, he has to take a job in a small town perusing a recently-deceased lady’s papers and financial information. Upon arrival, the townspeople try to get him to immediately leave and act frightened. Apparently, there is a woman that once someone sees her, children start to die in the town. Arthur doesn’t listen, goes to the house, investigates all the bumps in the night that will have you yelling at the screen and begins to fear for the safety of his son…who is on his way to this very town for a visit. What will happen???

“How scary is it, really??” – Not very scary at all actually. I liked the fact that it employed very traditional scare tactics…darkness, scary toys turning on by themselves, shadows turning into ghosts, etc. There are some good moments where my heart jumped a bit, but overall, it’s the type of movie that you can watch, enjoy, but still go to bed at night without any nightmares. 

“Wait, don’t I know that actor from somewhere?” – The main character has had mild success in a little series called Harry Potter…perhaps you’ve heard of it? Other than that…no one famous.

“Anything I should know going in?” – It’s so hard to think of Daniel Radcliffe as an adult…a widower with a child, no less! Maybe non-Harry fanatics will have an easier time, but I struggled the ENTIRE time…

Overall, the movie was good…not one of my favorite scary movies…not particularly scary at all, but fun to watch. Fun to yell at the main character’s idiotic choices. At one point, a character tells Arthur not to chase shadows…which of course he spends the entire rest of the movie doing. Oh well. Movies.

Spend or Save? Sorry Harry, but guys, save your money. This will be way better at home on your couch where you can immediately pop in your Harry Potter box set once this movie ends. That’s definitely what I am in the mood for after watching Arthur look at old pictures and the pictures stay still…psh. No fun!


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