Best Picture Nominees: Midnight in Paris

Next nominee for Best Picture is Midnight in Paris. Wasn’t sure if I was interested in this movie, but had some free time Friday night and it was for rent on my Apple TV…so I indulged, spent 4.99 and watched it. Good choice!

Question time!

“What is the movie about?” – Gil is an aspiring author vacationing with his fiance, Inez, and her parents in Paris (try saying THAT one three times fast). One night while trying to find his way home, he happens upon an old-timey vehicle that picks him up and whisks him off to the Roaring 20’s. At a party, he meets such iconic 20’s figures like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway. He realizes this car is a time machine of sorts, and he begins to live his nightlife in another era, meeting many famous people and discovering his true passion in life.

“What other nominations did this movie earn?” – Woody Allen is up for Best Director and Best Original Screenplay. I like the screenplay’s chances…it’s a very original concept, yet still is very interesting…unlike most Oscar Bait movies.


  • Pretty person turned ugly – Nope. Everyone is beautiful.
  • Actor pretending to have special needs – Nope.
  • Set during a different time period – Half the time the main character is hob-knobbing with the likes of Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali, so yes, definitely has period costumes (flappers galore!)
  • Based on a true story – As awesome as that would be, I’m gonna say no.
  • High-concept story line that no one really understands, but pretends to so that they will appear intelligent – It’s a little complicated to explain, and you will have to have some level of culture in order to really appreciate the famous people Gil encounters. The good thing about this movie is that they don’t spell out exactly who every single famous person is…I found myself Googling a few of the names!
  • Based on a best-selling novel – Nope…hence the original screenplay nominee 🙂

“Will it win the Best Picture Academy Award?” – Nope. It’s a GOOD movie, but it’s not an OSCAR level movie…While it is stocked with previous Academy Award winners who are in the movie for mere minutes, it just doesn’t have the buzz surrounding it that will push it to the top. Hey, it’s awesome it got nominated though!

“Should I watch this before Oscar night?”You probably don’t need to rush out and rent this one before next Sunday…it’s a good movie, and worth watching, but I don’t think it’s going to make a huge impact at the Oscars.


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