Finding Dory


Finding Nemo came out in 2003…13 years ago. Stop and think about where you were 13 years ago. I was a senior in high school and I vividly remember watching Finding Nemo with my then-boyfriend (now husband). I LOVED that movie and now my three-year-old loves this movie. The circle of life. Oops, wrong movie! Naturally, I was dying to see Finding Dory. The family and I were out of town when Finding Dory came out so I’m a bit late to see it, but we ran over as soon as we got back home.

Finding Dory starts off ridiculously sad. Like, the first eight minutes of Up heart-clenching…especially if you are a parent! I looked at my husband and said “Why am I already crying?” Thankfully, the rest of the movie is full of callbacks to the original movie and cute little jokes at which my son belly-laughed.

Question time!

“What is the movie about?” – Dory is living with Marlin and Nemo at The Drop-Off, living a happy, though often forgetful existence. She suddenly gets a flash of her parents and her former life and decides she needs to find them. Marlin and Nemo sign up to help out, but of course chaos ensues and our protagonist gets lost…hence the name of the movie!

“Do I have to watch Finding Nemo in order to “get” this movie?” –  Wait…there are people in the world that HAVEN’T seen Finding Nemo?? If you are that one person, STOP what you are doing and go watch it! Now, if you haven’t seen Finding Nemo in a few years (likely those of y’all without toddlers demanding you watch it twice a day for two years) you don’t really need to re-watch it before you go. It stands on its own.

“Who is that voice?? It’s driving me crazy!” – Do you watch Modern Family? If so, you’ll recognize the voices of Ed O’Neill as Hank the octopus (ahem, SEPTAPUS) and Ty Burrell as Bailey the beluga whale.

“How was the Pixar short film at the beginning?” – By now, we just expect some amazing short film at the beginning of Pixar movies. I must say the short film that precedes this movie, entitled Piper, stole my heart. A sweet story about a baby sandpiper trying to learn how to feed itself whilst avoiding waves is so sweet. It is the best one I’ve seen in years. Do not miss it.

The overall movie was good. Not amazing and definitely not Finding Nemo level awesome, but we enjoyed ourselves.

Spend or Save? Spend. Hank the octopus is worth the price of admission alone, but feeling like a kid again and revisiting these beloved characters is priceless.


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