The Purge: Election Year


Something you may now know about me…I love horror movies. I will prioritize seeing horror movies above any other movie; this is my favorite genre.

So naturally, I had to see The Purge: Election Year. I’ve seen the first two movies in this franchise and I applaud the creators for their original and engaging idea. It’s hard to make a creative scary movie nowadays so I appreciate the effort.

Question time!

“What the heck is a Purge?” – The Purge is one night a year when all crime, including murder, is legal. It was put into action by the New Founding Fathers of America (NFFA) to eliminate crime during the other 364 days of the year.Thus far, most people find it successful.

“What is the movie about?” – The movie opens with a scene involving the beginning years of The Purge and a family is the victim of someone choosing to purge. One person survives and she later becomes a presidential candidate whose main platform is ridding America of Purge Night. Of course, people try to assassinate her and a familiar face from the previous movie tries to prevent that from happening.

“Do I have to watch Purge and Purge: Anarchy in order to “get” this movie?” –  Probably. You need to watch Purge in order to understand fully what the Purge is and how it affects America. You need to watch Purge: Anarchy to be introduced to one of the main characters. I suppose you could watch it without these prior movies, but you would enjoy it less.

“Wait…don’t I know that actor from somewhere?” – Immediately, any movie fan will recognize Joe the deli owner as Bubba from Forrest Gump. We made Bubba jokes for the duration of the movie. Also, any of my fellow Lost fans will recognize Juliet as the senator that everyone is trying to assassinate. Where’s Sawyer when you need him?

“Can my kids watch this?” – No! It never ceases to amaze me when I am watching these types of movies and there are children in the theater. Aside from the PREMISE of the movie, which involves killing for FUN, there is also excessive profanity from start to finish. Leave the kiddos at home!

Spend or Save? Save. Catch it on Redbox. It’s worth watching, but I did feel it ran a bit long (I HATE long movies) and I think the first two in this franchise were better overall movies. Do you agree?


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One response to “The Purge: Election Year

  • Don

    Thanks for the excellent review Holly B. I will take your advice and save my money for something a little less…disturbing.

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